Cropping for abstracts

I’ve had a good rummage through all of my images of Skye and have made some crops that should translate really well into abstracts.

I’ve manipulated some of them by blurring them – but those that are manipulated are obviously blurred. Otherwise they remain as is. They are either tight crops in the detail of an image or an image where I like the colours and shapes the colours make where the detail is there but loses it’s importance to me in comparison to the colour and movement.

I’m going to try doing a small 20x20cm canvas to see how that comes out. This should be quick and easy – likely at most 2 hours.

With regards to the felting, I would almost like this to become a 3d version of painting. I love the fact that you can shape the felt into forms and would quite like to do some 3d forms based around rocks and the landscape. All from source photos I have taken


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