Ok. I love textiles. I need to be a textile artist.
I looked through the catalogues of art textiles again, and I love the work in there. They inspire me. They give me ideas. Make me want to try stuff out.
When I look at painters, I don’t get that. I just get confusion and frustration. Wondering how I break into it. Even my futile attempts at accessing abstractism are all in textiles so far.
I’ve been reading Knitting Art and it’s great. In my head I see hangings, sculpture etc. All in textiles. Even knitted pieces.
The other books I bought should be here tomorrow and I can’t wait.
Textiles. I can make vessels. I can embroider and felt things and make vessels and and sculpt and I see stuff in my head and so many possibilities.
I am also going to look up my Origins and Cockpit Arts cards to find contemporaries I like.
Had a really nice email from Angela and I feel so much better about everything.
I can wait to get started and make things!


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