Moving on

It was good to have a chat with Caroline today.

I now feel like I understand how to tell the different between art and craft and how to make my intention clear when making pieces.

Doing textiles is fine. What is important is conveying the idea. The art needs to be more prominent and important than the medium used. It doesn’t matter if it is done in felt, as long as the art is what you notice first and then the medium.

The idea is the important thing. I’ll convey the idea the way I want to (within limited mediums) but won’t do something in felt or textiles – just because I can, or feel I have to.

So I want to revisit my Reedy Loch and make a large, proper piece on this – where I made (almost) a study of this when I was on holiday.

I’m going to try a large piece. Probably A3 ish if I can. Now I have the felting machine. And this means a proper project and stops me from flapping about. I will be doing this as a proper piece (and if it’s good enough, I might enter it into Fabric of the Land: Elements, as it will feature air and water etc.).

Would say I would get a lot done at the weekend – but now I have to go to High Wycombe to see Polly Binns exhib, I think it is unlikely! But I can at least start laying out colour etc.


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