Another thing…

I keep wondering why I don’t do prep sketches or anything like that for my work.
I’m starting to think that maybe I work directly from the photos because of this thing about evoking a feeling about the place.
I don’t want to alter what I see, that was already perfection that stirred me in some way. What I want to do is put myself back in that place and try to re-evoke the feelings and push that though into my work. If the source material wasn’t right or doesn’t lend itself to what I want to create, then I will sketch and plan. But sometimes my pieces are like I am there again and creating the piece in situ.
And that’s what I want to do. Other times, like when I propose introducing knitting, I will plan and do test pieces and sketch and experiment, because that might be more about texture and movement and something that can’t be replicated in that medium without artistic interpretation


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