NYC Precis

Thurs 21st – arrive – v. windy and cold 18C.
Walk to hotel – madness
Walk to Rockefeller – bit much
Go to Times Square – utter craziness

Fri 22nd – cold, 11C
Walk to Central Park taking Deli brunch (calm amongst the madness – much better)
Bit of shopping (Tiffany’s – yum!)
Into MoMA – so big. Too much to see – but Ab Ex (abstract expressionism) main highlight. Free evening – so museum then has queues all along block, didn’t return after food as intended
Folk Museum next door (food and fab exhibits)
Times Square in dark – excellent. Still crazy (but not such a shock as yesterday)

Sat 23rd – raining, lots, 16C
Took subway to west of Central Park – walked across by reservoir in light rain to Guggenheim.
Stood in a ’round the block’ queue in pouring rain
Fab museum and exhibits. Can’t take pics anywhere except on ground floor – shame.
Walked down Madison looking for food, stumble across MET.
Tea in MET and open late night so did choice sections – astoundingly big, too much to see.
Cab to hotel – getting good at this now.

Sun 24th – foggy then clear and hot, 26C
Woke up to missing skyline – thick mist for most higher buildings of city
Weather due to clear so take chance and go to Rockefeller.
Take Art and Architecture tour – excellent – then to Top of the Rock. Baking hot. Clear skies. Sunburnt.
Lazy afternoon as exhausted – evening pour down and thunderstorms – had front row seat out of window

Mon 25th – Foggy then clear, then foggy again, 23C
Cab to go shopping in Macy’s as dull and foggy. Spent nearly all day there.
Out at 3 to discover clear blue skies and Empire State staring at us.
Walk to Empire, shopping on way
Take New York Walks card route from Macy’s to Chrysler
See Flatiron in distance
Finally glimpse Chrysler – hurrah! Walk 2 more blocks – notice building in front starting to be covered in cloud. Next time Chrysler is in view, it isn’t… less than 10 mins from sunshine to completely enshrouded in cloud! out Grand Central Terminal and lobby of Chrysler.
Magical city today… buildings appearing and disappearing and bizarrely walking back to ‘homing point’ of Radio City without intending to. Cab back

Tues 26th – clear skies all day, really hot, 28C
Packed and took subway to South Ferry
Staten Island ferry out and back. Fab views
Walk through Battery Park and to World Trade area, lunch back at 50th and back to hotel for airport.


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