Such fun!

I’ve just had half an hour of fantastic fun painting canvas fabric.
I reread the case study brief and realised I had to do supporting work to go with it. I remembered I had some remnants of canvas left over from making Sallys cushions so I’ve cut that into 6 reasonably sized pieces and am going to experiment with some of the techniques Polly uses and using my photos of Grafham Water (that I took on the way home from seeing her exhibition) as source material.
I’ve painted one square with household bleach, another with some burnt umber acrylic (but got it wrong so washed it out, but there are some stains left) and did a 3rd with the thinned acrylic as intended!
I’m also going to try drawing and cutting one piece and hand sewing another and machine sewing another.
Such fun!
Love looking out at these bits of art on the washing line drying in the evening sun šŸ™‚



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