What to do…

So I’ve been thinking in the breaking your boundaries. I don’t have long left to make any pieces…

So I’ve decided to split the pieces as per my chat with Shelly. I will make some small pieces that I can send out physically and some larger ones that I can photograph and email.

I would really like to canvas some opinion about abstracted work. One thing I worry about with abstracts is that it is just “too easy”. No real technical skill in creating it. It is important to me to show that I have an ability with the materials. I think this is particularly important when using a process that is regarded as a craft. So perhaps making abstracts in felt will be regarded as a craft. So this is a big boundary for me. I would also like to work mostly from memory rather than from photographs as I usually would. This may allow the work to flow better and be more abstract when I am not distracted by details.

I will mail out the small pieces and not expect to get those back, but will give an option to return them. I may only ask for feedback until the end of Oct, so I have to get stuff out there ASAP.

My small pieces will be very small and may explore some ideas I had around abstracts. The larger pieces will be more complex, sculptural or vessels. Canvassing opinion on all of these may help me hone which themes and forms work better than others. I have set up a specific email address to deal with responses.


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