Today’s task is to make a conker.

Saw a load of conkers on the way to the corner shop yesterday. I’d forgotten how much I adore them. I used to love going conkering with my dad over the park every autumn to collect those lustrous, shimmering balls of beauty.

I adore that chestnut colour. So much so that I’ve spent most of my adult life (until the mass of grey prevented it) trying to get my hair colour the same as that of a conker. I failed.

So I’ve been out this morning to get some conkers and their shells to photograph and I’m off now to get some balloons and bean filling to allow me to make some decent sized ones. I’ve never done 3d wet felting before, so this will be a great learning curve. I reckon I can form around a balloon and then pop it and fill with beans to allow me to needle felt on the top.

So we shall see.


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