Winter (Drift and Glisten)

I thought I would give the Winter open submission at Obsidian a go.

I’ve taken on board the framing issues and have given my pieces much more room and have painted the frames to suit if necessary.

Both pieces are imaginary (for a change) and I wanted to play with a sculptural/relief piece of a snow drift. I have taken the colour inspiration from the impressionists use of colour in snowscapes and have included lots of (increasing in size) pleats to give the impression of wind creating the drift.

The other piece is smaller and is more about glistening snow (White Christmas was running through my head all the time!). Shadows, lines and shimmering silk make up this piece.

I am particularly pleased with Drift and would like to make a much larger version of this – I already have something in mind.

I have better images of these on my camera…

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