Coaster Sculpture

This I LOVE! What a fantastic piece of interactive, public art! People can climb around this amazing bit of sculpture at their own pace (no photos of people doing the loop-the-loop – so not sure if that is possible) climbing up and down it.

It also looks amazing as a piece when lit up. Coasters have amazing structures and the intricacies of the twists and turns are fascinating to behold. (Better when you are sitting on one being whizzed around – but, sadly, my days of coaster-riding seem to be behind me now. People my age have gone off them – and I look a bit of a weirdo going on them on my own now…)

The idea of making an interactive sculpture of one is genius. Of course these wouldn’t appear in a theme park – why spend money on a non-whizzy one when you can spend it on a speedy one? But the idea of putting it elsewhere is much more interesting anyway! At first glance it looks like a real coaster anyway, so I like the juxtaposition of putting it somewhere it wouldn’t normally be. Would love to see one as a bridge (obviously only if you could traverse it)!

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