Take it from the top

Fab photography article in the Mail today


These are excellent images and tie in SO nicely with the patchwork quilt tessellations I’ve been thinking about constructing 3d pieces from.I just love the patterns in these. Some of them are like the Nazca lines or crop circles. (Oooh I’d like to make a crop circle from very fluffy felt!!!!)

I’ve also developed a fascination of grey marl, industrial-looking felt. So I have ordered some to try out the tessellations and formations and taking lines for a walk over it with yarns of differing colours. I want to be able to join some with needle felting and others with precise and/or rough stitching and loose threads.

Enjoy the pics. Can’t wait to see what my local environs look like when I take my balloon flight – but the season doesn’t start for some months yet…

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