Broadway/Times Square

As part of the exploratory project, I decided to look at painting and stitching on felt for the making day on March 31st.

I had long wanted to explore my first impressions of Broadway/Times Square in New York. Where it was crazy, cramped, dazzling, attention seeking and oppressing all at the same time.

Whilst painting on canvas I thought that felt would give a really interesting texture and surface. I wanted to stitch over the top. I was aiming to create something abstract and impressionistic rather than literal (as my usual work). I also tried creating a ‘drippy’ painting in the same way I did for Time Lapse but felt does not respond in the same way as canvas – and although the result is an interesting experiment, it did not fulfil my expectations in any way.

The other participants in the making day saw both the painted and stitched version of Broadway/Times Square as abstracts.Whereas the photo and 2 paintings read all the same to me – this must be because I know the subject matter – but I should be wary of how my knowledge clouds the perception of the piece (and pigeon holes or literalises it more than an audience who has no knowledge of the piece).

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