IFA – Harriet Hill Workshop

Harriet continued to give us small projects with slightly increased timeframes. The next 2 featured on here, were 30 mins and 45 mins respectively. These fitted in really well with the Exploratory Project (as I hoped this workshop would). Harriet set all the Rules, but the inspiration and choice of materials (at least for the first one) was mine.

The first one was to look at ‘boundaries’. Negative and postitive spaces around a boundary. We were asked to mark these in some way. I chose to use chalk (rather than paper, string or fleece). I found the ‘boundary’ of the shadow of a tree. I was amazed how quickly the shadow moved. No sooner had I finished drawing the tree, did I have to start again in order to capture it moved on 1″. I loved the idea that this image was constantly changing and evolving through no more than the passage of the sun. I love the idea of making a piece about the passage of this too.

The next task focussed on ‘pairings’. We had to mark pairings on site with fleece or something made from the fleece mixed with other materials etc. I picked a gnarled bush which was mostly brown with little highlights of green and a bed of flowers (mostly daffodils) which was mostly green with splashes of very bright jewel colours. I made 2 felted tags representing the colours of each item and placed it in the opposing area.

The third item was to look at reflections. Not necessarily physical reflections (the first piece I made didn’t work) so I went on to look at placing fleece in situ reflecting some hewn marks in the stone of the building in the grass.

Here are the pics of Harriet Hill’s workshop.

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