Yayoi Kusama

After Damien Hirst, Alexa and I found some much-needed fun and beauty in Yayoi Kusama’s work.


I very much-loved her early pictures and the mirror room

Google images for her work here.

And for her sculptures here.

I loved her work. A lot of it could easily be made from felt. I love the sculptural pieces based around sea creatures – and the installation of abstract clouds – which seemed quite pertinent after my adventures on the way in. I loved her early drawings – they reminded me of Paul Klee and Miro. Particularly the sunspot series.

Her work is beautiful. It may well have come from an ugly place or materials, but all of it is beautiful. Much reminded me of felt or Nuno felt (one of the jackets she is shown wearing). I really don’t get this recent trend for ‘ugly’ art. I like art that is ‘beautiful’. I don’t WANT to create ugly art. There is enough ugliness in the world without me adding to it. I don’t believe I am capable of making something I do not perceive as beautiful. Others may not perceive it as so (and that’s OK) but I have to.

On the way back to the station we saw a Plane tree on the south bank and it’s fruit/nuts really reminded me of the light bulbs hanging in the mirror room in the Tate.

There is a sense of fun and humour about her work – and the obliteration with dots has grown into installation pieces that really engage the audience with the work by being affected by and becoming part of the pieces/rooms. Just the right remedy to Hirst

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