Exploratory Project 8

Next steps

I think the biggest thing I have learned from this project was my understanding of ‘open’ and ‘closed’ work. The more ambiguous and open a piece can be, the more interest it is to an audience. A closed piece has nothing more to offer in the sense of questioning and consideration.

I have learned some interesting techniques: how to make robust felt; that music really helps me to set a scene in my mind that is expressed in my work and how to overcome a ‘block’ by drawing inspiration from other artists and by changing medium to continue to push my investigations.

I definitely want to work in textiles. I particularly enjoyed the elements of the collar that involved making a physical object rather than a relief item – which my work was leaning towards anyway. So I would like to move towards sculptural textiles.

I also enjoyed the ‘peril’ element of the collar and would like to continue along this theme. I am currently researching carnivorous plants and the sinister sides of sea creatures in order to create perilous sculptures.

Our group meetings took place on 1st March, 19th and 26th of April. In one of these sessions Clare suggested looking at the darker side of nature. At the time I was only considering the landscape and animals but, now moving onto the smaller inhabitants of the landscape, this investigation seems appropriate. In our final meeting we talked about where we would like to take our work now and suggested other artists or routes for new work for each other. This was extremely useful as others in the group were able to see links and progression my clearer than the individual closest to the work. I hope that this group will be able to continue to meet to discuss our work as we have found ourselves to be well aligned in research and working practices. I believe we also feel comfortable enough with each other to be able to have frank and honest discussions – which has been thoroughly worthwhile.

Some of the artists that were suggested by Angela, the group and sourced myself that warrant research are:

Ann Goddard

Annette Messager

Helen Chadwick

Cathy de Monchaux

Rebecca Horn

Yayoi Kusama (sculpture and sea creatures)

Hilary Bower

Colette Dobson

Jean Draper

Joan Livingstone

Al Johnson

Rowan Mersh

Deepa Panchamia

Chiharu Shiota

Waller Hewett


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