Photorealism to the max!

An article in the Mail a few weeks ago showcased the work of Canadian artist Jason de Graaf.

These amazing photo-realistic images are technically stunning, but you do have to question why? If you can’t tell the difference between a photo printed on a canvas and a photo-realistic painting on a canvas… I realise that the artist has an interest in the process and the ability to make something look like a photo. So it leaves me feeling very torn about these: marvelling in the stunning techniques and ability of the artist, but wondering where it sits in the Fine Art world…A lot of the comments on the article refer to there being no “human interpretation” to the image – which I guess is probably my concern with them. They don’t have anything to say, as such, except for asking you to marvel at the artist’s skill. Still, you should enjoy them for what they are.

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2 responses to “Photorealism to the max!

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  2. Totally agree with your article – yes the works are incredibly executed – the skill has a huge wow factor, but as works of art, these paintings cannot excite me, because there’s nothing new there. They just look like photos. Thanks for sharing!

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