Group Crit 3rd Sept

We had a group crit tonight.

I have just a couple of bullet points that I wanted to keep on record.

  • The use of a plinth gives a sense of reverence to work.
  • Research that becomes circular should be comforting and happens increasingly frequently as the research eventually feeds itself.
  • A big scrapbook of ideas (a scrappier, less ‘tidy’ journal) is a really good way of keeping all the ideas and pathways together for future reference.
  • Consider placing my work in a room away from everything else.
    Consider the use of a ‘studio’ in the sense of a dedicated work/reflection space away from the house/domestic setting and leave it there to go back to reflect on.
  • Consider painting the garage inside white and using that space for this purpose.
  • Consider whether moving into the spare room as a studio would be beneficial (or just as a reflection space).

Don’t flit from the existing thread. Keep on this thread. Explore more.


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