International Garden Photographer of the Year

Lovely photo story in today’s Mail Online of the top photographs from the International Garden Photographer of the Year.

The images have some enticing colour combinations. What is interesting is that the colours I love are spread across the image. I assumed that the colours would have to be next to one another, but it seems that the ‘sum of the whole’ is more important. I had hoped that I could crop in very tightly to a few pixels to pinpoint the colours that speak to me, but it turns out they are nowhere near one another!

Also interesting is the mix of colours in the photograph by Sarah-Fiona Helme (Autumn Palette) and mark-making of the leaves blowing around in the out-of-focus part of the image. This is an abstract painting in itself and has a beautiful feel to it. Joyous, of breaking through and envigorating.


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