Another Year – Older

This is work on a piece I am calling ‘Another Year – Older’. This is playing on the ‘coding’ ideas discussed in our last crit. The colours are actually the days between New Year and my birthday (including most of those from that day) – hence the title. But unless you knew my work really well and all the reasonings behind it, you would be perplexed by this title.  Even if you DID know all the rationale behind it, you might still be perplexed!

I have tried experimenting with glazes and matt/gloss extenders, which I have shown in the small canvases.

On the main painting, I added some polyfilla texture and a line of varnish across the top. These work well in the sense that they really do have to be seen by interacting with the piece – far more than if a flat colour – as the eye is flummoxed by all the stripes and can’t see the disruption so clearly until you move. On solid coloured canvases the disruption is much easier to see.


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