Off the wall

A very long time ago, when Jonathan was still on the course, we talked about sharing photographs of things we had on the walls in our houses as a way of getting to know our fellow students. This idea has never left me, but have not found an appropriate use for it – but I thought it was a great task for reflection – as a greater insight to me and the choices I make in my art and the art of others. Indeed my favourite colour combinations are very clear from the things I choose to have in my house.

Many of the images lack people. In fact there are very few photographs of people. All the images of places are a recording of my mood at time of being there. These are all an elated feeling and are all caused by the colour combinations – and predominantly the blue skies.

I have chosen to record everything – even if it is embarrassing – as they all reflect something about me.

I have captioned each image if you wish to know more about the object’s background and why it is treasured by me.


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