Beautiful Blue – cool and calm

According to the BBC News website today:

Living near a ‘blue space’ – such as the sea or open sky – can reduce stress levels and make us happier, according to new research.

The study by the University of Exeter suggests that the calming atmosphere gives people a more positive outlook.

See the report here

The Colour Group is holding a group meeting about blue light. See the information here.

They say

Blue light has some very special properties. It can be particularly harmful to the eye, reduce depression in depressives but depress hampsters exposed to it at night. It is associated with the moon, the treatment of acne, the emergency services, insomnia for some and as an inducer of relaxed sleep for others. It works on a person’s biologiocal clock via newly discovered cells in the retina and is the latest must-have colour for Christmas decorations. The development of Light Emitting Diodes that are very efficient in producing blue light now means we can have more blue light than Prometheus could ever have dreamed of. But is this a Good Thing?

We hope to spend an afternoon considering the importance of the recent emergence of Blue Light into the real world. A bevy of experts will help us to understand blue light.


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