Up the Shard

I visited the Shard back in September and deliberately chose to go up the Shard around sunset.

I had loved going up the Rockerfeller building in New York (and the Eiffel Tower many years ago) – so I really thought I should do so in my own country. It’s so odd how we never fully explore things to do in our own backyards – but would put it top of our ‘things to do list’ if we were abroad…

So whilst I was on ‘holiday’ but not going away anywhere, I thought I should investigate my ‘own backyard’. I spent the afternoon looking at specific artists, themes and techniques at Tate Modern, before getting to the Shard for about 7.

I stayed at the top to watch the sun set. I booked my ticket for a day with a good weather forecast, as there have been many occasions I have passed the building encased in fog and cloud. The London Eye is no fun in the rain and I didn’t imagine the Shard would be either.

The view is spectacular. You can see so many things that I thought I would be able to see from the Eye, but it just isn’t tall enough. You can see all this and more from the Shard. In fact you can see to the North Downs, which is where I used to live.

It was very hard to see much to the west as the sun was masking/obliterating everything. But to the east the view of Canary Wharf was stunning. The buildings turned golden – reflecting the setting sun off all that glass (and this was the day that the ‘Walkie Talkie’ melted a bike) – contrasting with the gorgeous darkening blue of the skies pushed all my colour buttons.

I highly recommend a visit. It is very pricey – but you can save £5 booking online in advance.


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