2.2 Reading List

For this module I have to create a reading list.

I have collated all of my books relating to colour and have listed them below. Some of these books will drop off and others will come on, but these are all now on my radar to dip in and out of. This list seem massive, but in reality not the whole book is of interest in many cases.

Light Show by Cliff Lauson, Philip Ball and Anne Wagner (28 Jan 2013)

Dynamo : Un siècle de lumière et de mouvement dans l’art (1913-2013) by Serge Lemoine and Collectif (29 Mar 2013)

The Individuality of Colour: Contributions to a Methodical Schooling in Colour Experience by Elisabeth Wagner-Koch and Gerard Wagner (14 Dec 2009)

Yayoi Kusama by Frances Morris (13 Jan 2012)

Color Design Workbook: A Real World Guide to Using Color in Graphic Design by AdamsMorioka (1 Mar 2008)

Painting Abstracts: Ideas, Projects and Techniques by Rolina Van Vliet (18 Jul 2008)

Declaring Space: Mark Rothko, Barnett Newman, Lucio Fontana, Yves Klein by Michael Auping (16 Oct 2007)

The A – Z of Visual Ideas: How to Solve any Creative Brief by John Ingledew (10 Oct 2011)

Colour: How to Use Colour in Art and Design by Edith Anderson Feisner (6 Feb 2006)

David Batchelor – Flatlands by Fiona Bradley and Rudi Fuchs (3 May 2013)

The Complete Guide to Natural Dyeing: Techniques and Recipes for Dyeing Fabrics, Yarn, and Fibers at Home by Eva Lambert and Tracy Kendall (Mar 2010)

Monotype: Mediums and Methods for Painterly Printmaking (Practical Art Books) by Julia Ayres (Nov 2000)

Themes in Contemporary Art (Open University Art of the Twentieth Century) by Gill Perry and Paul Wood (13 Jul 2004)

Wild Color: The Complete Guide to Making and Using Natural Dyes by Jenny Dean (16 Nov 2010)

The Rothko Book (Essential Artists series) by Bonnie Clearwater (19 Dec 2006)

Colour and Meaning: Art, Science and Symbolism by John Gage (20 Mar 2000)

The Beginner’s Guide to Colour Psychology by Angela Wright (15 Jan 1998)

Abstract Art: The Masters of Abstraction (Taschen Basic Genre Series) by Dietmar Elger (20 Oct 2008)

Bridget Riley: Dialogues on Art by Robert Kudielka and Richard Shone (30 Jun 2003)

West Wing: Making Art and Architecture Work for Health (Jan 2005)

Interaction of Color by Josef Albers (3 Mar 2006)

Color and Human Response by Faber Birren (1 Feb 1984)

Monoprinting (Printmaking Handbooks) by Jackie Newell and Dee Whittington (31 May 2006)

Outsider Art: Spontaneous Alternatives (World of Art) by Colin Rhodes (3 Apr 2000)

Colour in Art (World of Art) by John Gage (5 Feb 2007)

Colours from Nature: A Dyer’s Handbook by Jenny Dean (22 May 2009)

Why Your Five Year Old Could Not Have Done That: Modern Art Explained by Susie Hodge (1 Oct 2012)

Colour: Travels Through the Paintbox by Victoria Finlay (26 May 2003)

V&A Patterns: The Fifties by Prichard Sue (14 Oct 2013)

The Psychology of Colour and Design by Deborah T. Sharpe (1 Oct 1975)

Colour by Rudolf Steiner, Pauline Wehrle and John Salter (7 Feb 1998)

Modern Art: A Very Short Introduction (Very Short Introductions) by David Cottington (24 Feb 2005)

Contemporary Art: A Very Short Introduction (Very Short Introductions) by Julian Stallabrass (23 Mar 2006)

Tate Artist Timeline by Fanelli and Sara (9 Feb 2013)

Colour: A Workshop For Artists and Designers by David Hornung and Michael James (20 Aug 2012)

Color Mixing Recipes: Mixing Recipes for More Than 450 Colour Combinations by William F. Powell (1 Oct 2005)

Gerhard Richter: Panorama by Nicholas Serota and Mark Godfrey (9 Aug 2011)

September: A History Painting by Gerhard Richter by Robert Storr (1 Sep 2010)

Gerhard Richter Painting [DVD] (2012)

Colour (Documents of Contemporary Art) by David Batchelor (1 Oct 2006)

Bridget Riley: Arcadia (National Gallery London) by Colin Wiggins and Marla Prather (10 Dec 2010)

Bright Earth: The Invention of Colour by Philip Ball (1 May 2008)

Drunk Tank Pink: The Subconscious Forces that Shape How We Think, Feel, and Behave by Adam Alter (1 Sep 2013)


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