Kings X to Huntingdon – 1 minute

Here is another of my colour journeys I made on a recent visit to London – it is taking a while to process and select these journeys, so I will be posting them as I complete them.

This one had nice, simple rules. On the train I would take a photo:

  • once every 60 seconds (timed on my watch)
  • of the same ‘view’ – whatever was out of the window at the time
  • in a landscape format
  • up or down for subsequent images if the train remained static for more than one photo

Since people on the tubes had got ‘twitchy’ about me taking photos of them, I decided all images would be ‘out’ of the train to avoid people scuppering my journey with objections or questions.

These are read according to the flitting of the eye (again).

Here is the one hour journey condensed into one image.

Kings X to Huntingdon LONG 1pp LR


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