Tubular Smells

So after coming up with the title, I decided to find some sections of my journey from the Shard to Kings Cross that were on the tube.

I chose 3 sections to do small panels with and chose to call them Tubular Smells Parts I, II and III.

However, I accidentally mixed up the order of the stripes (did the 3 photos in the wrong order) for Part III – so this will now have the suffix of ‘remix’. Half way through the painting when I couldn’t tally up the striped photos to my mark-up I had to make a decision to carry on or abandon it. As it was important to me that ‘the hand’ was apparent in my work, I decided that the mix-up didn’t matter and I would carry on regardless. What it meant was I did the panel in the order 3, 2, 1 reading from left to right when it should have been 1, 2, 3. It wasn’t back to front (I could have just rotated the panel by 180 degrees) but just chronologically wrong. I’m happy with the result and happy with the decision to continue with the music title references by adding the suffix ‘remix’.

These worked well as a process, precision and size and will be smaller, singular pieces.


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