Long time no see…

Well hello there.

It’s a very long time since I’ve accessed my blog, never mind posted… but here I am!

The group that was ‘The Nine’ from my MA course have decided to work towards another collective show next year. We are working on a theme of ‘Bleak’ and the first thing that jumped into my head was to get back on here and start exploring ideas. Very strange, as I always found this awkward and a bind when I was doing it. Funny how habit becomes a necessity!

I have continued with the idea of ‘reading’ images and have wondered how pared down that can be in order for you to still be able to understand what can be seen.

Can you still ascertain the subject if it is bleached out? Can you work it out from tiny dots of colour? Or small vignettes at strategic places? How stripped away can it be before it becomes nothing?

So this is where I think my current exploration will begin – even if it doesn’t end there.


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