Getting back on track

I’m really conscious that I’m numb and panicky and running on auto. But I HAVE to get back into my art because I have my first assignment to do.
Right now I still can’t work on my 2 influences project, but I can and DO want to do something with my hands. So I’ve got back out one of my part finished cardigans to knit a bit. It’s comforting and creative in a small way.
The flowers I bought to photograph might be open tomorrow. So I can do them then. Since researching Bob’s kidney failure, I’ve discovered these lilies are highly highly toxic to cats, so I’ve had to shut them out of Moomin’s way and will dispose of them asap afterwards. It seems they weren’t responsible for Bob’s problems as I bought them when he was already in decline.
I’ve got Friday off, so I’m hoping to be able to have enough research/source material to do my studio work in one fell swoop.
Talk about having to push through personal barriers early on!


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