Pushing on – Take two influences

So my Mum and Dad were right. Getting me back on track with the art and occupied has helped. I’m still REALLY tearful, but I can get through big chunks of time if I am occupied.

Some of my flowers came out this morning, so I took the opportunity to photograph them in the sunshine in my office and then got Mum to take the whole lot away with her.

Now, I am a hater (and I mean HATER) of all things pink. I despise the girliness of it and the constant association that all women love pink. I don’t. Never have done. Rather have blue… BUT a lot of Monet’s waterlilies were pink, and because of the lack of them around in Feb, I decided to buy some flowers to see if they would prove to be interesting to me. The bright colours (not me really either) don’t look so good, but I do rather love the (toxic, toxic!) lilies. It’s the details of the stamens. Their textures, the fuzziness yet crispness and the deep brown colour contrasted with the (!) pink.

I’ve spent about an hour tinkering with waterlily ‘test’ pieces. They kind of work ok. I still want to have a go at these, from my Brighton picture. But I’m not sure if this is a good project on here. But the flowers and pink (!) have pushed me in the direction of these. I have always loved the details of passion flowers and have several photos in my bedroom that I took last summer in the garden. Maybe it’s because the flower stems and petals of these large flowers are a bit like architecture? Or futuristic. There is something ‘other wordly’ about them. Maybe they seem like a landscape themselves. Rolling hills of leaves and petals and urban cities of stamens.

Some people might say that I am influenced by Georgia O’Keefe, but I’m not. I’m not sexually influences on these. It is about their form, but it is more about the structure than what they might represent.

I tried out some of the photos I suggested. I am going to post some of them up here next before I turn my attention to adjusting the photos I took.

The images I took of glittering things (such as my branch lights and sparkly top) have some interesting features, but aren’t really relevant. But I do love the lilies.

So I think I am going to have to say that my 2 influences for this project will be my passion flower photos and Monet. Damn him for his PINK waterlilies! 😉


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