Frame, fracture, form

Excellent brief this. I really like the idea of this. I’ve just struggled to find the right subject matter! I know that for the form part I want ti revisit an idea angela and I talked abut a while ago. And that was making something impracticsl out of felt. So hard to type on the train tonight! So I’ve decided my form will be a teapot and that will be my last phase. I’m thinking my first will be to frame. I’ll crop an image into an abstract. Probably one from an earlier set of crops I made. As they are stacked up ready to use for a project seems silly not to. I will then cut this up – fracture it – into planes to create the form from. I’ve toyed with the idea of making a ‘seamless’ object, but that seems to defeat the object!

Stained glass has just popped into my head. Fractured. Which is interesting. I’ve always liked stained glass. Mmmm. Now. I could take an image and run it through crystallised filter in photoshop and get out a mosaic type form to defer from the detail that I just fail to remove myself from otherwise. Maybe having good eyesight is actually THE PROBLEM now. I want to see all the detail because I can! Then I COULD make a seamless form.

A faceted form with seams from a proper landscape, fractured by the seams. And a seamless form whose subject has been fractured to create the surface pattern. If I have time I will do both. I’ll make the main bodies first, then the lids so they are pots, and if time then, spouts and handles. Quite like to fracture the mosaic one with machine embroidery. Or even do that whole one in machine embroidery and interesting threads or something. Then would need careful cutting and some sort of interfacing to stiffen it. I might do the faceted one that doesn’t need interfacing and see how much time I have left.

Do I create the seams with a very different colour? Like White? Black? These should be able to retain their form ok. And the fabulous felting machine has a base like the sewing machine so I can put forms around it to some extent.

I’ve looked at the abstracts and opted for some clouds which better fits a form than a literal landscape. At least for the purposes of this experiment. It makes it easier to work out if this sort of thing works rather than being distracted by what’s on the form if it doesnt ‘go’.

The frame will be how to FRAME the source photo. The FRACTURE will be working out the pattern needed to make the form. And therefor the size of fabric I need to create/FORM to make the finished piece/FORM.

Yep. Happy with that. Happy with subject and what I’m going to do. Only thing to resolve is whether to mix up the pieces when cut and if to leave the seams au natural (leaning towards this) or colour them.


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