Spent the day with an old art school friend, Alison. Had a lovely time in Bicester nr Oxford shopping and catching up. I was telling her about me and my problems between craft and fine art. And she said I always do it. That when we did our first degree I challenged it then by wanting to mix an unassociated pattern with form.
So THAT’S my angle. My angle is challenging what everyone thinks is craft and what is fine art. Everyone has their angle. Whether it is challenging what beauty is, political opinions or challenging the way we look at something, we all have an angle. That’s what mine is. Challenging the boundaries between craft and fine art. Such a simple statement of fact really stopped me in my tracks and made me realise that IS my angle. Otherwise I thought I was just too fluffy and nice and it was all a bit too cozy.
I’m not trying to make something that looks like a piece of craft into art (although I could), I’m trying to take craft skills and use them to make a piece of art. Intention is really important. And now I know that is my ‘thing’ I’m way less worried about it than I was. And it means my work doesn’t need to have any further ‘angles’ to it to validate it.
Hurrah! Hurrah for shopping and big Hurrah for Alison x


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