Frame, Form, Fracture inspired

This is a piece in progress so far – and has been inspired by my part one of FFF.

I loved the colours in that piece so much and was pleased I hadn’t made a large piece and fractured it by cutting it up. The fractured bits gave me colour inspiration to make one of the larger pieces for my seascape tritych I had been wanting to make.

I’ve cut 3 pieces of base fabric and have made the first piece based on the photo I used before and enhanced or exaggerated the colours from the form. Here is where I am at right now.

I adore the colours in this. I roughly bedded the second layer into the piece by hand – but it is so large I have had to do it all by machine. This leaves larger holes in the piece than it does when I do it by hand – so I am having to find a way around that to end up with the same finish as if it had been done by hand. I think if I scuffle the surface a little with my fingers and manipulate the surface I can get it 90% to if it had been by hand. I now need to do that and to add on the lines for the sea.


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