Next project

To complete my triptych I need another 2 image to work from.
My Moo business cards are perfect for this. 1 – they are tiny so I can’t see too much detail to get hooked up on. 2 – they are good proportions.
These are the shortlist this time.


But I think I’m going to go with skinny portrait crops from these 2.

Can’t believe I didn’t think of this before. Carding colours together to mix the right shade!

Am SO loving mixing these colours. The carding is both aggressive and soothing and mixing the colours on the card means no unnatural streaks. Still streaks in there, which is important, but when laid on by me they sometimes pinch into coal-like seams when punched in. When bedded in these streaks are natural and beautiful. Am so loving doing these triptychs. I might put them in my living room. The colours make me feel really happy and calm. It would also mean I could explore, and live with, ways of displaying my work. Each piece is 20″ tall and 7″ wide. (50 x 18cm)

My sand is really lacking the luminescence I remember. So I found some silk throwsters waste and that is SO doing the job. It gives the right vibrancy, colour and texture. Sky still needs attention. It’s too dull but loving the rest of it. Exaggerated and partly imagined colour, but I love this one too.

LOVING this.

But have changed my mind. Am going to use this for the 3rd one.



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