Evening Standard Thurs 2 June 2011

I want to try out my pieces of letterpress printed on fabric. So I’ve been thinking of finding our of copyright song lyrics or poems. But for the sake of experiment, I chose to pick words from thursdays evening standard. I picked every 4th word in a headline or if there wasn’t enough words in the kicker/intro.

These are the words. In no particular order on the page, but in order of flicking through the paper.
The. Read. Hits. I. Expenses. Paid. Find. Duke. Plans. Record. To. Pupils. Set. Like. Use. To. For. Commuters. Dr. But. Because. Blunders. Uk. Bad. Are. In. Oxbridge. Go. Thriller. Names. Is. Amused. For. The. Doublespeak. To. The. For. Girlfriend. His. You. Victims. Plane. Confidence. Riddle. Kills. Parties. Great. Deported. To. Lot. Gun. Gay. Traffic. Nicky. Tizzy. To. Jail. Parliament. Is. Murder. In. Four. Stars. Acts. Up. Taste. Spain. Record. Calling. Reaps. Dinner. Italian. The. Van. Yet. The. Yet. Of. Survey. Roots. The. 10%. But. Eurozone. Builders. Savings. Forever. Beer. Screws. Shopkeepers. Chance. Drives. The. For. Bowls. West. To. Spin. By. Set. Clarke. Airport. Finds. New. Ever. Just. Children’s. Fifas. You. Man. Murray. On. Cities. Day. To. Best. The. Wanted. Was. Heroes. They. Top. That.

I then started thinking about whether I could write these as they were or needed to restructure them into more sensical phrases. In the end I decided to write my own headlines of 3 to 4 words never using the main words more than once and could only join them with words that were in the above, nothing new. I could not change the way the words appears by making them plural and disregarded any names. Some are humourous. Some a bit political – or could be read that way. And are about as political as I get! So I’m off to try stamping them onto fabric with acrylic paint.

Yep. Did them. They weren’t great. Not sure I’d try that again for a while…


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