Fabric of the Land

This is the piece I have submitted to Fabric of the Land


I found the call for entries in the back of A-N. The name appealed and I made this piece specifically for the show. I wanted to make it anyway, but it seemed most appropriate for this.

The theme is ‘elements’ and I have called this piece ‘windswept’ – because all the other elements are being affected by the one you can’t see.

I am really pleased with the piece. It remains to be seen as to whether it is appropriate for this show. But I am realistic about its chances. It’s doing nothing sitting in a box downstairs waiting for… what? So I decided I had to get to it and push some stuff out there.

I like the strands at the bottom. These were a concept I came up with after the form, frame, fracture and came from making things loose and not too tight or restrained to the frame. I would like this piece to be slightly away from the wall to allow the strands to sway with any slight breeze caused by the location or viewers passing.

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3 Aug. Sadly this piece wasn’t chosen to be one of the 70 successful pieces for the exhibition. However there were over 200 entries, so I don’t feel too bad.


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