Paper, Scissors, Stone

The below items I decided to submit as large pieces for Paper, Scissors, Stone at the Obsidian Gallery in Bucks.

It is for Crafts mostly – but as my work is on the edge of both, it is not a bad way to get out and start facing the public.

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The two larger pieces were part of 3 I made on a seascape theme.

The three smaller pieces were made as investigations into a colour theme. Using the blue against the warm yellows, oranges and browns of the earth.

The first is called Skye and is a sunset over Coral beach – where the whole scene was very horizontal. Bands of cloud and light on the sea.

The second is called Islamorada and is a view of the sea from the island in the Florida Keys. I cannot explain in words just how luminous the sand was that day – particularly posed with the deep blue and aqua colours of the sea. I have never seen such luminous colours anywhere else – ever. I could not convey the luminosity of the location until I found some silk throwers waste that shines and is both straight and curly and was perfect for creating the play of light on some of the sandy surfaces.

The next is called Reflections, Venice. This is a small postcard-sized piece (as I liked the piece I made for the Absolute Magnitude at that size – it is small enough that detail cannot be achieved with the felt and allows me to explore colour much more without having to make it look like anything). It is reflections of the coloured buildlings in the grand canal – but I am happy that it is interpreted as anything, reflection also being associated with feelings and memory.

The next is called The Lagoon, Venice. This is a much tighter, more literal piece. However it is VERY representative of my memory of the waterbus ride back into the Grand Canal at sunset. The colours were very dense, intense and clearcut. I have left the threads of the silhouette hanging to suggest the changing reflections in the water. I rather like kinetic art and may look at ensuring things can move in my work (as they do in a memory) in future pieces.

The last piece is called Memory of a Wave. This piece started off as something else – lost its way in the middle and found it had turned into something else by the end. This is quite twee, but what I do like about this is the abstractness as well as the feeling of movement. I feel this piece totally relies on the title for understanding. Once you know the title I think you can ‘feel’ this piece. From the knowledge we all have of waves, we can imagine what is happening with every ripple shown in the piece. Where the water has crested, dug into sand and where the deep troughs in the water are. Again – inclusion of ochres and blues. I don’t know whether this is fine art or not – but I am so pleased with the feeling of movement that came out of such a troublesome piece.


2 responses to “Paper, Scissors, Stone

  1. lovely work, Amelia
    I especially like the threads left hanging in the Venice one
    I was going to ask if you knew the work of Jeannette Appleton – she does beautiful needle-felted pieces…….kind of abstract landscapey
    but just looked at her website and see that she is doing some different things – still interesting –
    if you can find some of her older works…….worth a look

    • Thanks Anne. That’s so kind. No I don’t know her work – but will look her up.
      Good news is they want to take 3 of the pieces! I just have to frame them…

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