Boundaries thrust at me!

Had an appt at the chiropractors today. We always talk about how my course is going and today I was talking about how I felt like I was playing catch up sometimes because I don’t show or sell my work. And she offered me to have a piece in their reception if it helped.

I bit her hand off. This would be brilliant. People have to wait there and the ability for them to look at it and leave comments while they wait would be brilliant. So I’m going to taker her up on her offer and try to make a piece over the weekend. This ties in really nicely to my boundaries project as I can use some of the techniques I’ve tried on the mailers so far and use them to tailor a piece for reception.

I know the clientele, I am one, and the name is the Huntingdon Wellbeing Centre so it also ties in quite nicely with my research on colour and mood for my essay. Dead pleased.

I showed the receptionist some of my iPhone snaps of work in progress and she said what they reminded her of and was bang on. So something like that would be good.

The waiting room needs to be calming. So I think reedy loch type colours more than vibrant. So we’ll see what I can find as source material. Very excited!


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