Boundary mailers

Right. I’ve done it – finally. Finished off the 8 mailing pieces, written the description and mounted them all. Now I just have to print the letters out and post them all.

The mailers have various questions pasted to the back of each piece – one is which orientation should the piece be given. Therefore I have had to be completely random about the orientation the piece is stuck on the card. I did this by rotating the mount card in my hand a random number of times and before placing it face up on the table – this ensured that the text on the back was in a random orientation to the image – which may or may not be synchronised, but not by choice. I then did the same with the actual piece and rotated this a random number of times before sticking it onto the mount. I then rotated the card randomly again before writing the letters on the outside edges (always in an anticlockwise rotation, always with the baseline at the edge) of the card.

This is as random as I can make it. I don’t want the content or a perceived orientation to alter the audience’s perception in any shape or form.

I have numbered each piece and sent it to the following:
1 = purple sky > Alison
2 = Skye sea, blue > Helen
3 = stripy sky > Claire
4 = tree bark > Natalie
5 = yellow/orange sky > Shelly
6 = Skye sea, red > Louise
7 = true sky > Mark
8 = water reflections > Laura

Tomorrow my pieces will be set free. It is unlikely I will ever see them again. Fly my pretties! Fly!

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