Tempering with some R&R

I’ve decided I need to have a better balance between work, my course and the rest of my life. The rest of my life is missing out, and if I do take time out to do something I feel like it is very indulgent and I feel guilty. Like when I turned my holiday into a field trip to justify the expenditure and came back feeling more exhausted than when I went…
So, I stumbled across something on Etsy today. A nice little blog about making things along with a knitting pattern for a blanket.
I love my existing blanket, but it isn’t going to last forever and it took ages to crochet. I don’t have that kind of time anymore. And knitting an ITEM of clothing or something feels way too indulgent when I have a course to do. But this pattern is just PERFECT.
There are many occasions when I sit down to watch telly but don’t want to actually do something for my course. Now remember my hands have to be doing something ALL the time. So these little pieces are just perfect. I have a massive stash upstairs that I can use up on the blanket and it means that I can do something at the end of the day that relaxes me and gives me time to think rather than whips me up into a late night making session. Not all of my wool is sock weight as the pattern says, but I can make tension squares to work it out as I like a challenge.
Dead chuffed. A nice bit of constructive relaxation šŸ™‚


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