Pole dancing

Great story in the Mail again (other papers are available…  I just happen to like the quirky art and photography stories they cover) about an artist who makes sculptures out of scaffolding poles. He only keeps them standing for a few months, before taking them down and creating something else with them. I think this – as a concept – is really interesting. I saw someone (I think at the Guggenheim in New York – but maybe the Met – and I think it was a woman) whose latest piece of work included everything from her last piece, deconstructed, reworked and added to in order to make something new. I can’t discover who this was for searching!

Anyway, I love the sketchy quality of these sculptures and the fact that their bases are something you are used to seeing every day. They are standard scaffolding structures at the bottom which it would be easy to ignore, but as you look up… I also love the idea that the sketch appears and disappears before your eyes as you move around the sculpture.


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