Fabric of the Land 2012

I’ve decided to submit to Fabric of the Land again this year to see if I will be selected this time.

I’ve made 2 specific paintings for it – entitled “Continental Drift” and “Trace”.

“Continental Drift” is based on the concept of the earth ripping itself apart and how continents break to ‘grow’ new land between the plates. The whole piece is quite naive and the large gash along the middle is reminiscent of a tear in skin as well as the earth. I like how this could also relate to bloodshed and how the people and countries of the world are tearing themselves apart too – I think that this is enhanced by the naive feel. If the piece were more controlled and contrived it would feel less raw. I also intended that this piece could be viewed upright or on its side. Whichever way ‘speaks’ most to the owner.

“Trace” is intended to evoke ideas of deposits in the earth. How traces of things on the surface wind up far below in the body of the earth and ultimately hints at pollution.

I enjoyed doing them – we’ll see what the outcome is.

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