Edvard Munch’s pop-up heads

Went to see the Munch exhibition at the Tate Modern at the weekend. It was an unexpected stop as we didn’t think there would be tickets as it was the first weekend, but there were and it was good.

I didn’t really know much about Munch, so it was an enlightening visit for me. Much more impressionistic than I expected (really only knowing the Scream I was unsure what the rest of his work would be like).

Munch repeated many themes and motifs over and over in his work. Recreating many of his famous works many times with tweaks in style and treatment, but not too much in composition.

In one particular period my friend and I noticed that ‘pop-up heads’ became the motif. They began very naturally (as the figures in Snow Falling in the Lane) but over time became more ‘plonked’ in front of the landscape. We imagined that these figures were cut out and gradually appeared from the bottom of the image making the piece humorous instead of disturbing.

This moved onto pop-up heads after we left the exhibition and began with her taking some photos of me (later with a crazy expression – I don’t usually look like that!). I have then begun to send her a pop-up head every day since. These are great fun to do. Finding something small enough to fit in between me and a previously captured landscape (such as a painting or photo) and making it a bit humorous and looking out of place from the landscape. Will try to keep up the daily pop-up, adding images when I can. A lovely humorous, creative interval to the day!

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