Purple Haze

So I thought I would have a go with a calmer palette. The strokes are still a bit demented and too energetic, I need to find a way to blur the marks more.

However, at actual size, you can see where I have used the palette knife and it is very hard to tell from an actual photograph of a painting. Be interesting to see how this would look printed on canvas (like a printed copy of a painting I suspect!).

This image looks to me how I do background thinking. Not much is going on to stimulate me visually, so I’m just ticking over, but my mind is going 90 to the dozen, fidgeting, thinking and churning up ideas.

Again, I like the colours – but then I would, it is from one of my palettes!

I think I need to work on shapes and light/dark motions to develop these from flat colours into more ‘traditional’ looking paintings as well as more emotive works. Paul Bennett is definitely an inspiration for the technique which appeals to me about how mood and mind work.



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