Square Eyes

While I was doing a search for something at work today on www.thinkstockphotos.co.uk  I came across the below image in one of the results.

I think this is perfect for my colour palettes. I had been thinking about Jacob’s Ladders for months of my palettes, BUT they don’t allow for much interaction between the colours as their order is pretty static. However, I love how these squared strings can rotate and how you can see other colours through the apertures.

This viewing method allows for the suggestion of fluxing moods and how this is not a static thing and is influenced by outside things.

I have been very influenced by the Lightshow and the interaction that people had with the exhibits. Work that is able to rotate and spin when people influence the piece with a breeze whilst walking past is something that really appeals to me. The proximity of other people influence my moods and this is the perfect way to convey this.



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