More sketching

I’ve done some more colour sketching today using my colour palettes.

I have tried to move on from choosing the palettes I find aesthetically pleasing to choosing a palette at random (a choice of one from the double page spread in the book) and ‘going with’ what suggests itself to me.

By choosing aesthetically pleasing ones initially I could get over the need to make something beautiful as well as exploring methods of blending and mark-making. Once I had created the ‘equation’ to make a beautiful piece, I could begin to push against it by mixing colours I would not usually or choosing a palette I did not find pleasing by itself.

I rather like the use of watercolour paper with the pencils as the surface pushes through the colour – rather like moods, which are never solid.

I tried a couple of ‘suggested shape’ sketches (they flow more easily once I get into it). Then I tried a ‘Mondrian’ version, which left me rather cold. Then I tried this method again with blending which I much prefer. I’m not sure about the drawn black lines (although I prefer the free form lines to ruled ones as they go better with the pencils).

On seeing the last sketch photographed it reminds me that I once did something similar with oil pastels on canvas. I didn’t finish it and no longer have the canvas, but it is interesting to see such an idea resurface without remembering it.

I enjoy doing these sketches as they are quite ‘mindless’ and allow me to tap into the subconscious far easier than through considered thinking.






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