Colourful Cubes

A couple of fab colour square inspirations I saw online today.

First is an album cover I saw on Amazon here


I love the idea of taking the pure colours and ‘dirtying’ them up. Making them impure and imperfect.

Then I saw this article in today’s Mail about the Knewra salt mine. I love a salt rock candle. The glow the rock gives is unique in each instance and ticks  all the ‘relaxation/mood/spa’ boxes. I love the glow that comes from all these cubes of rock salt. They remind me of kilns and glazes and have all those blends of colours that I am so attached to!

article-2312547-1969B7B5000005DC-16_964x594  article-2312547-1969B6F5000005DC-68_964x605


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