Environmental Experiences

Lovely story in today’s Mail showing the work of Fujiko Nakaya – who has created artificial fog in public areas.

What is lovely about this work is the ability for people to interact with this ‘work’. Bringing a familiar element into a controlled arena allowing people to experience and interact with it in a safe and joyful way which they could not in reality.

What really makes this ‘work’ is the interactivity of the people. Without them, the work becomes far more sinister and ‘lesser’ in many ways.

In many ways this work is like that of Berndnaut Smilde – except you can’t interact with Smilde’s work (it is far more sterile and captured through photography).

Works that are publicly interactive are becoming far more popular – which in itself is interesting… It makes the public truly engage with the art, giving them an experience and be part of the work, turning it into a performance, experience and event.

There was also an article sometime ago about Christo unveiling his new work Big Air Package.

Another classic example of all discussed above and an experience in monotone, where colour is brought to the piece by the audience.


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