Space Oddity

Space – who doesn’t love a bit of it?

I’ve got a bit of space fascination and there was a fantastic story in today’s Mail (and everywhere to be honest – as it is really popular) about Space Oddity.

Astronaut Chris Hadfield has recorded a cover of David Bowie’s Space Oddity while floating weightless aboard the International Space Station.

A real mood booster – who hasn’t wanted to make their own music video to this track? What would it be like in space? How isolated would you feel? etc. etc.

Plus who doesn’t love a bit of Bowie? And Apollo 13 is one of my all-time favourite films. As is the series ‘From the Earth to the Moon‘. In fact I had a little ‘space weekender’ catching up on the movie Moon (by Duncan Jones – Bowie’s son – how apt?) – very stark.

Well, this is a fantastically heartwarming, real, video shot and sung by Cmdr Hadfield as a farewell to his Twitter followers as his time on the Space Station came to an end.

It is so interesting to think how music video producers would struggle to make the shots of the guitar floating through the station look real. Yet, there they are as REAL footage! Incredible. Those shots of floating guitar (and him chasing it) are just gorgeous. The starkness with the splash of colour by the ‘living’ items (yes, I know the guitar isn’t ‘living’ but it makes beautiful music with the aid of someone living) is very poignant.

Hadfield has also taken some amazing images of the world from space. I love the blues and golds (fave colour combo coming in there again…) and all the connective patterns made by the lights on major roads – all like neurons flashing information around the brain.

Do watch the video.


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