Hangout 4th Nov 2013

We had our hangout tonight to look at what we each propose to explore this module.


  • Titling gives a narrative that is inescapable. Perhaps it is better not to title the piece – however, Eleanor felt the wording could frame the piece but also open it up. As the colour use is narrowed, the less it seems to need a specific title. The more colours are used, the more I feel it needs a title.
  • Sarah also found it interesting about the difference in message when the axis of the lines is changed. Perhaps it would be worthwhile showing the same image displayed on different axis at the same time (both horizontal and vertical).
  • Monoprints are aligned somewhat (in my mind) to abstract expressionists.
  • Jennifer suggested that the degradation of colour in monoprinting is like the decline in mental health. The degradation of colour = additional disfunction and disorder. So as the impressions taken from the plate degenerate and become ghosted, they can suggest the loss of who and what you are: almost like the reverse of self-medication, a downward spiral.
  • I like the loss of control that monoprinting brings. That I can’t see the marks I am making, or the outcome and that it is all chance. You can only control things up to a certain point (like the colour and the resist area) but the outcome is total chance. Eleanor was right when she said I was allowing the inner order of the colours to manifest itself. I could present the order of colours as layers now.
  • Sarah said ‘Because of the proportions of the piece in slide three, I’m starting to read it as a face, like all good abstract work things become manifest the longer you look, I like the discordant colours , the aggressive red with its raw edging and the calm graduation beyond, cool’
  • Jennifer suggested handicapping myself physically or emotionally perhaps on these.




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