Colour in the Landscape

I’ve recently been away to Wales on holiday with friends. We are all artists and either met at art school 20+ years ago or through one another in the meantime. It was a great trip. We had time to create work in beautiful surroundings. The cottage looks out over Cardigan Bay and is an uninterrupted vista across the sea to Snowdon.

The landscape is utterly mesmerising – it is impossible to take your eyes off the sea as its colours change by the second. The clouds really change the mood of the sea and the mountains continually. We only left the garden of the cottage, only briefly, twice in the week. The rest of the time we made our own work, rested and soaked in the fantastic view. It is an inspiring place – not just for someone who loves colours – the place had a profound effect on all of us and our work.

This time I tried to take photos that related to my work more than I usually would. I took the opportunity to find colours, monotones or stripes in what I saw around me.

These are the photographs I took of colour – some have some striped elements in them too, but the overriding factor here is colour (or lack of it). I will post my stripe images separately.


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