Stripes in the Landscape

I captured these images because they seemed to have natural stripes in them. These may have occurred naturally – such as in rocks – or transiently as in clouds.

I then created a striped version from these photos. I used the same technique as Richter did when he reappropriated some of his own images. He used a one-pixel strip from one of his paintings and extended this strip to make a series of stripes. Source I did just the same – picking a one-pixel strip and extending it across to cover the whole image. Below are the original images and the stripes that resulted.

These still, very clearly, read as landscapes. There are very few that you can’t see as a landscape. But it is interesting how much more detail there is in a one-pixel strip than appears in the image. Areas of apparently flat colour are made of a huge number of hues and tones which become far more visible as the pixels extend. I rather like them, but they are almost too intricate and detailed for me. I think I want them to be simpler.



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